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The Time-Warping Power of Scent in Retail Environments

In the rapidly evolving landscape of retail marketing, an intriguing study highlights the power of (Crystal) scent to manipulate time perception among consumers, offering a new dimension to enhancing customer experiences in service environments. This groundbreaking research, conducted by a team from the Glorious Sun School of Business and Management at Donghua University, delves into how different levels of scent arousal can significantly alter consumers’ perception of time spent in a retail setting.

The study’s design incorporated both laboratory and field experiments to explore the relationship between scent arousal and time perception, and how this interaction influences consumers’ evaluations of their store experience. One of the most striking findings was that consumers exposed to a low-arousal (Papaya) scent condition perceived their waiting time as shorter compared to those in a high-arousal scent condition. This perception not only made the shopping experience more pleasant but also positively impacted their evaluations of the store.

Further investigations revealed that the effect of scent arousal on time perception is moderated by the consumer’s level of perceived stress, with high-stress conditions diluting the impact of scent arousal. This insight opens up new avenues for retailers to tailor their in-store sensory experiences to not only attract but also retain customers by making their shopping journey feel quicker and more enjoyable.

In the context of (St. Tropez) scent marketing, this study underscores the importance of carefully selecting and implementing scent strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and store evaluations. By leveraging the subtle yet powerful influence of scent, retailers can create a more immersive and positive shopping environment, encouraging longer stays and potentially increasing sales.

Study Source

Yu, Z., Yang, S., Liu, Y., & Xie, Y. (2024). “Wait time speeds up: effects of scent arousal on time perception in service marketing”, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management. Read more.

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